Escaped sex offender Eugene Felix Martinez caught in Boulder

BOULDER, Colo. - Ten days after a convicted sex offender slipped out of his handcuffs to escape Denver police custody, a new pair was slapped on by Boulder officers.

According to Boulder police, Eugene Felix Martinez is accused of committing new sexual assaults Saturday morning and is being investigated for another that occurred on Oct. 12.

“We’re not sure how long he was in Boulder,” said BPD spokeswoman Kim Kobel. “We don’t know if he came to Boulder when he escaped from Denver or whether he just got here.”

Martinez is facing charges of sex assault, burglary, theft and attempted second degree assault on a police officer for crimes he allegedly committed around 3 a.m. Saturday. That is in addition to the escape warrant out of Denver County.

Boulder Police say a woman living in the 700 block of Marine Street reported seeing a man rummaging through her purse around 3 a.m., then taking it and everything inside.  

Officers interviewing that woman met another who lived in the same home and told officers she'd also encountered the unknown man.

"She had been awakened around 3 a.m. by an unknown male whom she believes may have sexually assaulted her and her 21-year-old female friend," police said. "The suspect left when she confronted him."

The victims said they may have left their door unlocked. They described the suspect as a male in his forties with dark skin and baggy jeans.

“It’s pretty crazy that he just escaped from his handcuffs ten days ago and ended up in our house,” said Molly McMahon, a roommate of one of the victims. “I just feel so horrible for my roommate.”

“He was ten feet away from me,” said Charlotte Rogers, another roommate of one of the victims. “I’m just so grateful that nothing happened to me… I just wish it hadn’t happened to them.”

After the case was reported, police began tracking a cell phone stolen along with the purse. It led them to a "known transient camp" where an officer found a man fitting the description.

Later identified as Martinez, the suspect allegedly "tried to escape" and "attempted to assault the officer" before finally being taken into custody in the 1600 block of Arapahoe Ave.

Kobel said Martinez refused to cooperate once he was in custody.

“He wouldn’t give us his name,” she said. “We had to identify him by taking his fingerprints and sending them to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and having their analyst compare the prints to the escaped convict in Denver.”

Kobel described Martinez as a very dangerous individual “with a very long history of sexual assaults.”

She said he’s in jail now, “and that’s where he needs to be.”

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