Enthusiasts arriving for 4/20 rally in Denver; expected to draw thousands of pot-related tourists

DENVER - In anticipation of this weekend's 4/20 rally in Denver, marijuana-related tourists and business owners are already coming to Colorado.

Inside the Denver Mart, 7NEWS discovered an entire marketplace of pot-related merchandise.

From pot protective phone cases, to mood lighting, to pipes, the trade show will bring thousands of people who profit from pot to our state.

"Everybody wants to come to Colorado," said vendor Karim Ali, of California.

The focus on the trade show is also having an impact at local dispensaries.  

Staffers at the LoDo Wellness Center in Denver said it is already noticing out-of-state customers.

 "Oregon, Nebraska, Kansas," said employee Jay Bouton.

The 4/20 rally is zoned for 50,000 people, according to Denver city officials.

That's in addition to the "Cannibis Cup" tasting event that organizers say will bring about 30,000 people each day.

Pot businesses say its proof that marijuana does provide economic potential for Colorado.

"It's the biggest holiday you can imagine for people that partake and enjoy marijuana for sure," said Bouton.

An official from Visit Denver says the organization is taking a "neutral" stance on the marijuana events.

They added that no studies have been done on the concerning its economic impact or the hotel occupancy related to it.

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