Englewood Police: Cop impersonation suspect Leslie Simpson not connected to other cases

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - Englewood Police say a man arrested on a charge of impersonating a police officer last week is not connected to five other recent police impersonation cases in the Denver metro area.

"Englewood Police Detectives contacted other agencies in the metro area which have had police impersonator cases in the past few weeks," authorities said in a news release. "The Investigations Bureau is confident that the arrest of our police impersonator is not related to the other cases"

However, 7NEWS has learned that the suspect, Leslie Dewayne Simpson, 36, has been arrested on a police impersonation charge before.

-- Most recent case

Officers were called to the 3200 block of South Broadway on Friday afternoon after two people serving civil papers said a man approached them, identified himself as a police officer, and displayed a badge.

"He said he was the police, flashed his badge, told us we were trespassing, told us to leave," one victim who didn't want to be identified told 7NEWS.

When Englewood Police arrived, the man was still there claiming to be a bail bondsman.

Officers said they arrested Simpson at the scene on a felony charge of impersonating a police officer.

The victim said she didn't know Simpson's badge was fake until she saw a real police officer's badge.

“If I hadn’t seen those cops' badges, I wouldn’t know the difference," she said.

We called Leslie Simpson, but he did not return our call.

-- Previous arrests

Police records show Denver Police arrested Simpson two months ago for firing a gun in the air in the alley behind the Up In Smoke Hookah Bar.  They said he also flashed a badge at a witness and identified himself as a cop.

Simpson has a lengthy, 11-page criminal record including charges of child abuse, theft and burglary.

-- Recent police impersonation cases

There have been five recent cases of police impersonation, but each of these involved a traffic stop. It is unclear if they are related in any way.

- March 19 in Parker. A woman said she pulled over on Parker Road near Pine Lane by an unmarked black pickup truck with flashing red and blue lights in her rearview mirror. The driver was described as a "clean cut," white man his late 30s to early 40s. The man was about 6 feet tall with short sandy brown hair and a goatee. The victim said there was a large, silver tool box in the bed of the truck and ladder that extended from the truck bed over the cab.

- March 31 in Aurora. A fake cop pulled over a woman at East Alameda Avenue and South Havana Street and tried to assault her. Suspect was described as black man with a distinct scar on his cheek. He was wearing a dark colored uniform shirt, dark pants with a belt, and fingerless gloves.

- April 8 in Denver. Woman said a man pulled up behind her near Ellsworth Avenue and University Boulevard and turned on some blue and white lights. The woman pulled over and said the impersonator threatened to issue her a ticket, then left. The suspect was described as a black man, 45 to 50 years old, who is about 6-feet tall. He had short hair. He was driving an older, four-door, unmarked, white car, police said. The woman told police the man was wearing a black uniform and had a badge, but it was not a police badge.

- April 15/16 in Loveland. A man in a police-style uniform asked for a driver's identification, but didn't give any reason for the stop. He then said the driver could go.

- April 16 in Sheridan. A driver activated his dashboard emergency lights and stopped a woman on South Santa Fe Drive near Hampden. Impersonator was wearing a navy blue police type uniform with no visible insignia or badge. When he asked her to step out of the car, she rolled up her window and drove off.

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