Employees of National Multi-List Service claim they've been working without pay since November

Full-time workers homeless after paychecks stopped

DENVER - Denver employees claim they've been working for weeks without receiving their paychecks from National Multi-List Service, an online sales listing website.

When 7NEWS' Amanda Kost pushed management for answers, the workers say they were fired.

Lisa Lucero said the last time she received a paycheck from National Multi-List Service was November 22, 2013.

"It's horrible," said Lucero, "I'm to the point where I can't sleep at night, seriously."

7NEWS reporter Amanda Kost asked Lucero why she continued working if she was not getting paid.

"Because if you're not there when they do have money to disperse, you're out of luck," said Lucero. 

Susan Gentry said she continued to show up to work, but her hopes of being paid for weeks of work are dwindling.

"I fear that maybe they'll not pay me what I'm owed, and I need to be paid what I'm owed because I have to pay my bills," said Gentry.

James Lane also claims the company owes him paychecks.

"The day they're supposed to pay us, it's another song and dance," said Lane, "Every time I come up here I go, 'Why, why am I working, you know, for nothing?' I'm showing up just to get paid, you know, just some hope that I might get a paycheck today." 

Michael Ramirez said he worked full-time for the company setting up sales appointments, but has not been paid in full.  

"It's really bad," said Ramirez. "It shouldn't be like this, especially a minimum wage job.

Ramirez said he's been searching for a new job.

"I got to take that step because I need to get paid. I have to eat.  I'm out in the the street, I'm homeless," said Ramirez.

"When you started this job, you had a home?" 7NEWS reporter Amanda Kost asked.  "Now, I'm homeless," responded Ramirez.

Lane also said he's struggling to get by.

 "I'm homeless right now," said Lane. "And I'm waiting on money just to feed myself and have a place to stay.  We get all these promises all the time, and it just keep us hanging on."

Four workers told 7NEWS they were waiting to receive their paychecks from National Multi-List Service.

7NEWS reached out to the company's manager, Jim Brand, by phone and in person.  Brand denied the employees' claims and offered to provide proof to us later in the day that workers were paid in full. 

"Check stubs, everything, check numbers, reference numbers, everything of that nature so you can actually see," Brand said.

Brand canceled the scheduled interview with 7NEWS.  In that time, workers said the manager called a meeting and fired five employees, including the four who came forward.  

One worker shared a recording she said was from the meeting when employees were fired. The manager explained settling up to the terminated workers:

Manager: "Monday we'll have you all caught up as far as what we owe you, and we'll make sure that we'll show you all the receipts. We'll go down the line, what we owe you, and make sure you guys are all caught up.  That's it."

Employee: "You're firing us because why?"

Manager: “Because we can't afford you." 

Brand told 7NEWS he was not aware of employees being fired.  He did not respond to our questions about the meeting and the recording. 

The Colorado Wage Act requires employers to pay employees their earned wages in a timely manner with no more than 31 days between pay days. 

"After that time has lapsed that's when an employee should consider filing a wage claim with us because the longer they wait, the longer it might take to begin the investigation," said Cher Haavind, director of public relations for the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.  

If workers believe they have not been paid in a timely manner, they can file a wage claim with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment online through the "Wage and Hour" link, by phone 303-318-8441, or in person at 633 17th Street in Denver.

At least three wage complaints against National Multi-List Service have been filed with the State of Colorado.

The Colorado Attorney General's Office has received eight consumer complaints against National Multi-List Service dating back to 2004. 

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