Elizabeth High School track falling apart; school says condition poses danger to student athletes

ELIZABETH, Colo. - Elizabeth High School says it needs a new track -- the rubber surface is wearing out and posing a danger to athletes. 

The track was new 14 years ago when the school was built, but UV rays, weather and use have taken their toll. 

Elizabeth HS Athletic Director Chris Cline told 7NEWS, "Our fear is during a meet or during heavy use, that an athlete trips or their foot slides because the rubber is no longer stationary, and we have ankle or knee injuries." 

Most tracks are resurfaced after 7 or 8 years of use, and the school district had planned to replace the track this summer, but a bond initiative that would have paid for the work failed last November. 

Now without that money the district is suspending home track meets as a way to extend the tracks life.  

"Not having meets is sad because I'm a senior this year -- it's discouraging," said student Gus Terry.

Schools in Kiowa, and the general public, have also lost use of the track.

"We can still use it for practice at this current point because we can stay away from the bad spots," said Cline. 

The school is hopeful that a future bond initiative or new budget priorities will fund a new track and allow the meets to return.

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