El Paso County residents brace for more flooding

Flood Watch in effect through Sunday

Residents in El Paso County who live near the Waldo Canyon burn scar took no chances Saturday after the National Weather Service issued a flood watch for the area.

"It came down the canyon and stopped up here in the narrows," said resident Nancy Owens.

Her neighborhood was covered during a massive mudslide three weeks ago in Manitou Springs. Flood waters pushed thick black sludge into her basement and destroyed some of her neighbors' homes.

"It's about two feet deep, black, bad. It was unbelievable," Owens said.

Just 10 days later there was another mudslide on Highway 24. Cell phone video showed how quickly the road turned into a muddy river and swept away cars.

Forecasters warned this latest round of storms could produce up to 5 inches of rain.  

"We've done the best we can to prepare," said Vicki Sheehan.  

She and her neighbors spent the last several weeks filling and placing sandbags on the riverbank near their apartment complex.  Even so, they know, Mother Nature holds all the cards.

"We've been warned it's a flood zone."


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