Edward Romero trial continues, ex-girlfriend describes seeing lifeless body in garage

Romero told ex-girlfriend he "did a bad thing"

DENVER - The second day of testimony in the trial of Edward Romero started Thursday with the 16 year old victim's mother taking the stand.

--Editors Note: This story contains some gruesome descriptions of the alleged crime.

--Alicia Martinez's mother "trusted" friends at the party. 

Alicia Martinez was shot, then dismembered on October 22, 2010 after she went to a house party with a friend. Her mother Vanessa Martinez told the court her daughter "felt safe with them [the friends she went with]."

Vanessa Martinez said she last heard from her daughter 6:38 p.m. that Friday. She realized she was missing Saturday morning.

--Romero's ex-girlfriend: "I plead he turn himself in."

Francesca Pagliasotti took the stand next wearing a white and yellow striped jumpsuit. She was sentenced to ten years last July for accessory to murder and abuse of a corpse.

Pagliasotti was living with Romero in October 2010. She testified she was gone the night of the party and didn't return home until 11 p.m. She received two phone calls from Romero saying he "did something bad."

When she returned home, Romero took her to the garage and said "when I open the door, you can't scream."

Pagliasotti told the jury when the door opened, the lights turned on and loud music started to play. She described seeing Martinez's "body with a gunshot wound to the head" lying on the couch.

She told the jury she begged Romero to turn himself but he refused. Pagliasotti then went inside the home, leaving Romero in the garage. Later, he came inside an hour later and asked for trash bags.

She described returning to the garage, where she saw "a body on the floor with a blanket of some sort over it."

She said she saw Romero dismember the teenager's body.

--Martinez family leaves courtroom

During Pagliasotti's testimony, Vanessa Martinez started to cover her ears with her hands. She then left the courtroom, followed by several friends and family members. At least a dozen of the people in the courtroom wiped tears as Pagliasotti described Martinez's body and what she saw.

Romero has plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

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