E-470 tolls waived for drivers rerouted during Wednesday's carjacking and police chase

DENVER - Drivers rerouted off toll road E-470 Wednesday during the carjacking and high-speed chase should not be charged toll fees.

According to Dan Christopherson from the E-470 Authority, law enforcement asked that drivers be detoured from southbound E-470 at the southbound Chambers Road exit.  Those drivers were rerouted back to the Peoria southbound onramp of E-470.  Those drivers who were forced to make this detour were not assessed the toll.

"The gold minivan was the only vehicle the suspect was in that was ever on E-470," Christopherson said. "The toll costs that van racked up during the chase have already been expunged."

E-470 has an extenuating circumstance policy that waives tolls for drivers who are detoured. This waiver takes effect during weather events, traffic accidents and other incidents that cause traffic detours.

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