E-470 is raising its toll fee on Jan. 1, 2013

DENVER - E-470 is once again raising rates on Jan. 1, 2013.

Before 2011, tolls were only raised every three years, however, the Board of Directors voted in 2010 to raise rates in smaller increments and do it each year.

Starting Jan. 1, 2013, the main line toll plazas (B, C, D, E) will charge $3.25, an increase of 10 cents. Drivers pay that fee through a system called license plate tolling. If a driver passes a toll area without a transponder, the person is mailed a bill.

Express toll (pre-pay transponder) customers will also see an increase of 10 cents at the main line toll plazas. The new rate in 2013 will be $2.60.

The toll ramps will charge $1.30 for license plate tolling customers and $1.05 for express toll customers.

Read more on E-470's website.

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