Dylan Redwine case: Middle Mountain Campground at Vallecito Reservoir searched for missing teen

Teen disappeared Nov. 19

Sheriff's investigators, firefighters and a county worker searched a campground in Southern Colorado on Tuesday for a missing teenager.

Dylan Redwine, 14, vanished Nov. 19 while spending a court-ordered Thanksgiving week visit with his father in Vallecito, near Durango.

Tuesday, officials searched at the Middle Mountain Campground, on the back side of Vallecito Reservoir, according to the Pine River Times.

"It's one of the areas where (search) dogs alerted," Sheriff's Office spokesman Dan Bender told the newspaper. "It's right on the shore, and the water level is rising."

Investigators also went door-to-door again looking for information.

"We've never stopped looking for Dylan, even over the winter," Bender said.

The Durango Herald said investigators used sandbags to seal off an area along the water's edge after a search dog alerted search teams. The water will be pumped out to search the reservoir's bottom.

Within weeks of Dylan's disappearance, investigators said they determined the teen did not run away. But members of the task force searching for Dylan will not disclose what led them to that conclusion.

The reward for information leading to finding Dylan is well over $50,000. That includes rewards through Crime Stoppers, the FBI and donations from private citizens and groups.

Anyone who may have information on Dylan's whereabouts is asked to contact La Plata County Sheriff’s Office Investigators Dan Patterson 970-382-7015 or Tom Cowing 970-382-7045. There is also a local tip line, 970-382-7511, where tips can be left on an answering machine that is regularly checked by Investigators.

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