Durango-area couple agrees to take down cat escape route after neighbors object

DURANGO, Colo. - A Durango couple has agreed to take down a 13-foot escape route for their cats outside their apartment after neighbors' objections sparked a fight to keep the installation with the development's homeowner's association.

Martha Spence and her husband, who goes by Spence only, built the catwalk from a window to a nearby tree to allow their two cats Teddy and Gus to go outside from their second-floor unit whenever they wanted. The Durango Herald reported that they agreed to take in down Thursday at the request of the development's homeowners association.

The couple had planned to appeal the board's request but Spence said her husband wasn't able to take off work to pursue it.

Neighbors objected to both the look of the catwalk and also worried children would try to use it. In addition, the association says its regulations bar pets from roaming free in the development.

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