Dumpster-stealing bear brings in more business at Edelweiss Restaurant in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRIGS, Colo. - A German restaurant so good a bear would eat its leftovers, is now doing big business.

Back in August, surveillance cameras captured a bear at the Edelweiss Restaurant in Colorado Springs stealing a Dumpster.

The restaurant posted security camera video on Facebook that showed the bear sniffing around in the alley behind the restaurant. Then you see the bear stand up on its hind legs and push the trash bin out of view.

Since the video went viral, with more than 2,600 shares on Facebook, business has increased at the Edelweiss.

“Business last month increased by 25 percent, we were thrilled but it was almost more than we could handle,” said Dieter Schnakenberg who manages the restaurant.

Schnakenberg told KRDO-TV the family-owned restaurant has expansion plans in the works, bankrolled in part because of the bear. 

However, the bear will not be invited back. Schnakenberg said the bear hasn’t been back since tack strips were placed on the dumpsters to discourage another easy meal.

Mobile users can watch the video here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4449454493728


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