DU professor Conor McGarrigle painting line on Colfax Ave to be photographed from space

Will be one of longest lines ever painted

DENVER - A University of Denver professor is painting a line on Colfax Avenue that will be photographed from space.

Conor McGarrigle is originally from Ireland, and serves as a new media professor in the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Department at DU.

According to his website, McGarrigle's project, Walking West, is a durational performance that involves walking the entire length of Denver's Colfax Avenue, the longest continuous street in America, while drawing a 26.2-mile line to be captured in a satellite photograph.

He says this art project is a way for him to learn about the city.

"When you walk a street you get to know the town -- get to know the city. So I want to discover Colfax, and discover Denver," said McGarrigle.

McGarrigle was painting the line all day Friday, and once he's done, he said it will be one of the longest lines ever painted. He's painting the line by pushing a wheeled device that lays down dashes of paint.

He said the project highlights the ways in which digital technologies permeate all aspects of our everyday lives, seeking to leverage them as tools to support new spatial practices, which have the potential to facilitate new thinking on the city and everyday life. 

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