'Drunk Buster' carts teach students drunk-driving effects

BROOMFIELD, Colo. - Inside Legacy High School, students learned a very real lesson through a simulated driving experience.

"I thought I was good but then I would hit a cone," said Legacy High School senior, Cassidy Steen.

As a part of this week's pre-prom activities, Broomfield Police Department School Resource Officers brought in three "Drunk Buster" pedal carts to show students the effects and dangers of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. 

Police hope being proactive now, will keep the teens from being reactive on their big night.

"We wanted to give them a chance to be able to experience and experiment in a safe environment, versus doing it out on the road with the rest of us," said Legacy High School Resource Officer Kent Wichlacz.

Students drove the carts through a course of cones in the school gym, first "normally" then wearing "fatal goggles" which visually simulate the effects of being drunk.

"Driving on the course is definitely interesting, you feel very dizzy and you don't know exactly where you are," Steen said.

Students were also given roadside sobriety tests where they tried to walk in a straight line and pick imaginary items off the ground while wearing the goggles.

"When they put the goggles on, they're like, 'Whoa!' That changes things and they get out and they're like, 'I'm a little bit dizzy' or 'I'm going to fall over,'" said Officer Wichlacz. "They're seeing the perception is kind of difficult and it's hard to do it while you're under the influence.'"

Broomfield Police purchased the carts through a State Farm Insurance Grant. They will take them to area high schools and use them at future community events.

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