Drought restrictions for the Front Range as of March 27

DENVER - Aurora Water expected to announce restrictions on April 1st

Castle Rock Last week the City Council decided to limit watering to every third day from June through September.

Colorado Springs City Council approved Stage 2 Drought. Effective April 1, outdoor landscape watering is allowed two days a week on designated days.

Denver Water announced watering restrictions on March 14th and declared a Stage 2 Drought.

- Single-family residential properties with addresses ending in even numbers: Sunday, Thursday

- Single-family residential properties with addresses ending in odd numbers: Saturday, Wednesday

- All other properties (multi-family, HOAs, commercial, industrial, government): Tuesday, Friday

East Cherry Creek Valley Water announced that irrigation season in 2013 begins on April 15, two weeks later than previous years. They also adopted a twice per week watering schedule for residential and small commercial customers.

Northglenn is encouraging residents to reduce their water use by 10 percent.

Parker Water & Sanitation has a voluntary 3 times per week watering schedule.

Thornton has declared a Stage 2 Drought and announced that turf watering will not be allowed until after April 15. Turf can be hand-watered occasionally before that if necessary, however. After April 15, turf watering is limited to twice per week.

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