Drone hunting shot down in Deer Trail

DEER TRAIL, Colo. - A small Eastern Colorado community shot down a proposal that would have allowed drone hunting.

When the final votes were counted, 73 percent voted against allowing citizens with a city-issued permit to shoot down drones.

The idea of hunting the federal's government drones began as one man's symbolic protest against a surveillance society. But other townspeople embraced the idea as possible magnet for tourism -- and revenue -- in the tiny community of about 550 residents.

"We do not want drones in town," Deer Trail resident Phillip Steel, who drafted the ordinance last August. "They fly in town, they get shot down."

The town board voted on the ordinance and a tie vote led to a special election.

Federal aviation authorities said it's a crime to shoot at drones, but some in town call the vote a novelty response to show displeasure and raise money through novelty permits.

The Colorado Municipal League said that more than 140 Colorado towns are holding municipal elections Tuesday.

Twelve of those races involve marijuana, either allowing retail sales or taxing marijuana sales.

The town of Silverton also voted on a measure to allow all-terrain vehicles on city streets.

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