Driver's car window shatters on E-470; Similar to smashed windows on 3 moving cars in JeffCo in Nov.

DENVER - A driver wonders if her car window was shot out while she was on her way to work on E-470 near Pena Boulevard on Thursday morning.

"All of a sudden I hear the loudest noise. It sounded like an explosion and then I felt all the wind," said driver Sierra Henderson. "It was the window. All at once the entire thing fell into me."

The tempered glass shattered onto and behind Henderson, but didn't leave a cut.

"Initially when it hit me, I felt the force of it, but nothing that would make me cry or anything," said Henderson.

Last month, 7NEWS highlighted three similar incidents reported to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

Since July 24, the sheriff's office has received three reports from citizens whose windows were shattered as they drove on either C-470 near Alameda Parkway or on U.S. Highway 285 near Highway 8.

On July 24, a man was driving east on C-470 at Alameda Parkway when the passenger window of his truck shattered. No one was injured and no projectile was found.

On Nov. 14, a man was driving south on U.S. Highway 285 near Highway 8 when he heard a gunshot and the driver's side window shattered. No one was injured and no projectile was found.

On Nov. 19, a woman was driving west on C-470 near the Alameda Parkway when she heard a "loud boom" and the rear driver’s side window shattered. No one was injured and no projectile was found.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office told 7NEWS that after that our report aired, more drivers came forward saying their windows also had previously shattered while driving, but that they just had never reported it to authorities. No new cases have been reported since the Nov. 19 case.

"Do you think it's possible that someone could have shot out your window and you didn't see them out there?" 7NEWS reporter Marshall Zelinger asked Henderson.

"I definitely think it's possible. It wasn't the first thing that came to mind, but after further research, I definitely think it could have happened," said Henderson.

She said she called Denver Police around noon on Thursday after finding our previous report online. Officers told her they would meet her on Friday to review the damage.

7NEWS did not find any obvious projectile in the shattered glass.