Driver Jonathan Shank charged in shootout with Longmont officer Brent Cairns

LONGMONT, Colo. - Doctors say a man wounded in a shootout with a police officer can leave the hospital to go to court, but he has to be escorted by paramedics.

Jonathan Shank was pulled over by a police officer in Longmont at 2:15 a.m. on May 22.

"Immediately after stopping, the suspect exited his vehicle, advanced on the officer and began firing multiple rounds at the officer with an AR15-style rifle," police said in a news release.

Longmont Commander Jeffrey M. Satur said Shank fired an "amazing amount of rounds."

The officer said he got out of his car and returned fire with his police-issued Glock 17.

The officer, Brent Cairns, was not hurt, but Shank was hit at least three times.

Shank has been hospitalized for five weeks.

While doctors have not medically cleared Shank for release, they said he can go to court as long as he is accompanied by paramedics during transport and while in court.

Officers formally arrested Shank on Friday on a charge of criminal attempt to commit first degree murder, police said. His bond was set at $10 million.

Officer Cairns was cleared by the District Attorney's office on June 7 and has since returned to work, according to Longmont Police.

7NEWS checked and found Shank has a minor criminal history from an arrest in October 2007 for DUI, careless driving, driving without proof of insurance and driving without a license.

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