Driver arrested with nearly 3 pounds of marijuana; passenger escaped, Colorado Springs police say

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs police arrested a man who had nearly 3 pounds of marijuana in his car Friday morning, but a male passenger who ran from the vehicle escaped.

Officer Joseph Langlais pulled over a vehicle that ran a red light at E. Fountain Boulevard and S. Circle Drive. When the officer approached the vehicle on the 200 block of S. Circle Drive, a male passenger jumped out of the car and began to run southbound.

Police say driver Javar Harrison, 36, was detained, but other officers who had arrived at the scene were unable to find the passenger.

However, the officers did find that the passenger had dropped a large plastic bag containing several gallon-sized bags of what police suspected to be marijuana.

Several more gallon-sized bags of marijuana were found in the vehicle, police say.

Police say they recovered 2.98 pounds of marijuana.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested on DUI charges, traffic charges and offenses relating to marijuana.

It is not known whether the passenger was carrying more marijuana when he fled.

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