DPD clarifies description of suspect vehicle in fatal hit and run as Cadillac Escalade SUV

DENVER - Denver police have clarified the type of vehicle suspected of hitting and killing two young brothers in  a crosswalk on March 22.

During the announcement of an arrest in an unrelated fatal hit and run, police said Tuesday that the investigation into the March 22 incident was still ongoing. In that case, two boys were killed while crossing Yosemite Street at 14th Avenue with their mother around 8 p.m.

The older boy, 7-year-old Za May Ka,  died at the scene. His younger brother, 5-year-old Ah Zet Khan, was taken to the hospital, but died there.

The coroner confirmed that the cause of death for both children was "multiple injuries due to a motor vehicle striking a pedestrian."

The boys' mother was also injured, breaking two hips in the collision.

From the beginning of the case, police said a surveillance camera in the area showed a white or silver extended SUV driving away. Sparks underneath the SUV were suspected to be caused by a stroller it was dragging.

On Tuesday  the description of the vehicle was clarified as a 2006 or older Cadillac Escalade EXV.

Tips about this hit and run can be called in to the Denver Police Accident Bureau at 720-337-1000  or Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP.

Through April 9, there have been three deadly hit-and-run accidents in 2013. In 2012 there were 13.

The following numbers represent the total number of fatal hit and run accidents which occurred in the city and county of Denver each year.  Each of these accidents resulted in one or more persons being killed.

These numbers are only counting the actual collisions reported on a single accident report and not the total number of people that died in the collisions themselves.

-2002: 6

-2003: 7

-2004: 12

-2005: 14

-2006: 5

-2007: 5

-2008: 6

-2009: 7

-2010: 5

-2011: 7

-2012: 13

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