Dozens of home burglaries reported in SE Denver

DENVER - Police in southeast Denver are investigating nearly two dozen home burglaries since Dec. 13.  

According to police approximately 21 cases have been reported in neighborhoods in and around Washington Park and the University of Denver.   Electronics, jewelry, firearms and cash have been stolen.

"It was pretty scary," said one woman who asked 7NEWS to hide her identity.   "My back door was open and my dog was acting strangely," she said.

It's clear the criminals knew what they were doing.   They took  time to feed her dog, a possible attempt to keep things calm.   "I saw food on the floor,  that they had fed my dog.  I looked downstairs and saw our TV was missing," she told 7NEWS reporter Marc Stewart.

Residents living near Wash Park and the University of Denver are getting email alerts about the crimes. In many cases someone constantly rings the doorbell or knocks, before breaking inside.

"We have neighbors who are retired, that are definitely, the kind of people that will call you in the middle of the day if they see something," said Maggie Kirchhoff, who lives in the area of the crime spree.

At least three people are involved, according to police. At times people have been at home, but no one has been injured.

"It'd be nice if we could catch them.  That's what I'm most mad about.  I'm worried that they're going to be able to keep doing this," said the victim.

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