Hundreds of delayed travelers wake up in Denver International Airport

DENVER - About 500 people slept in the hallways of Denver International Airport after Sunday's messy snowstorm disrupted their travel plans. Typically, only about 250 people spend a Sunday night in the terminal.

About 80 flights were cancelled before the snow even started to fall Sunday morning. By the time it was over, about 300 had been cancelled and many more were delayed.

The 300 cancelled flights represent about 20 percent of an average Sunday flight load, and spokesman Heath Montgomery said that is why lines in the terminal are long Monday.

"Yeah, we are expecting to see a little more foot traffic this morning, just people that were rescheduled for flights last night, but weren't able to make their flights - they were canceled or delayed," he said. "We are expecting to be a little busier today, but nothing we can't handle. We're expecting to get back to normal operations right about now."

Monday, 98 arriving flights had schedule changes, with 55 of those actually landing earlier than planned.

The airport reports that all the runways are clear and more than 250 pieces of snow removal equipment are ready for use.

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