Dozens in Fort Collins line up to buy rare beer, Westvleteren XII, made by Trappist monks in Belgium

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - Hundreds of people showed up at a liquor store in Fort Collins on Friday morning to buy a rare beer.

Wilbur's Total Beverage was one of only 150 liquor stores in the U.S. to sell Westvleteren XII, a beer produced by Trappist monks in Belgium.

The beer has only been sold by reservation at the abbey of Saint Sixtus in the Belgian countryside. However, when the monks needed money for renovations, they decided to sell the beer outside the monastery on a one-time-only basis, according to ABC News.

The beer is being sold in a gift box with six bottles and two glasses. It retails for $84.99.

That price didn't stop beer drinkers in Fort Collins.

The first person lined up at 2 a.m.

By 6 a.m., there were 200 to 250 people outside.

The store only had 36 gift boxes to sell.

Contractually, we could not split up the 6-packs, explained Matt Dinsmore, a managing partner at Wilbur's.

Dinsmore said they tried to organize people into a line at 6 a.m, but it didn't work perfectly.

The first person to arrive at 2 a.m. didn't get a 6-pack. However, Dinsmore said someone else gave the shopper a bottle from their 6-pack.

"The holiday spirit," said Dinsmore.

Dinsmore said Wilbur's was one of only four Colorado stores that had Westvleteren XII for sale. The others were in Colorado Springs, Denver and Boulder.

Wilbur's found out they were getting the beer about a week or two ago and the phone starting ringing.

"We got 1,500 phone calls from Antarctica, Russia and Japan wanting to buy it," said Dinsmore. "Didn't know it would be this big a deal."

Dinsmore said they only sold the beer to locals and it sold out quickly.

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