Douglas County Sheriff's Office says phone scammers posing as deputies

Victims told to pay or license will be suspended

DENVER - The Douglas County Sheriff's Office said it's received a report of a fraud scheme involving someone representing themselves to be a deputy. 

According to a Sheriff's Office release, the culprit called a resident and told them they had to immediately pay $850 in fees in order to prevent their driver's license from being suspended and a warrant being issued for their arrest, because they missed a court date for a jury summons.

The caller told the victim they could avoid being arrested by wiring money.

The Sheriff’s Office said no law enforcement agency contacts citizens by phone, email or regular mail and tells them to pay fees or fines by wiring money, using pre-paid money cards, using a money telegram, or using similar methods. 

Law enforcement officials offered the following tips to avoid becoming a victim:

  • -Never give your personal identification information over the phone or computer. You may make an exception if you initiated the call or contact and you are certain that you are talking to a trustworthy employee of a trustworthy business
  • -Never wire money to anyone claiming to be a police officer to get out of an arrest, etc.
  • -Never wire money to get more money back (sweepstakes or lottery), or help someone get out of a bad situation such as an arrest, or a broken down vehicle especially if the person requesting the money is not known to you personally, or the person called and claimed to be a distant relative, etc.
  • -If something doesn’t feel right -- pay attention to your instincts and don’t become a victim
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