Douglas County sheriff says bike thefts have dramatically increased in recent months

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. - The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office says there has been a dramatic increase in bike thefts in the area.

Thieves have been targeting apartment complexes and townhome areas in particular.

Many of the recent thefts have been from open garages and front porches. In one case, the bike was stolen from a garage using a stolen door-opener. Stealing a bike from inside a garage, a home or another structure is classified as a felony burglary.

The sheriff’s office recommends that Douglas County residents close and lock their garage doors. Residents are also advised that people whose door openers have been stolen should change the code on the opener so that the stolen one can’t be used to get into the garage.

People who leave their bikes outside are advised to use a high-quality theft-resistant lock and to leave outside lights on at night to avoid thefts.

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