Door-to-door magazine companies Great Lakes Circulation Inc., American Cash Awards sued

DENVER - A couple that owned several door-to-door magazine companies have been banned from selling magazines in Colorado.

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers sued Great Lakes Circulation, Inc., American Cash Awards, and the owners Jennifer Proffitt-Payne and Cody Payne, formerly of Evergreen, Colorado. 

Prosecutors said the owners sent groups of young adults around the country to sell magazines door-to-door. The Attorney General’s Office alleged that the defendants engaged in a long-term pattern of deceptive conduct, including misrepresenting affiliation with local charities and schools, failing to deliver magazines as ordered and failing to issue refunds to consumers. 

“After first pressuring consumers into buying magazine subscriptions, this husband-wife duo would then change their company names to make refunds impossible to secure,” said Suthers. “Moreover, they deceived people by claiming that magazine sales were benefiting the military, charities, and schools which they were not.”

The Attorney General's office said the couple did not defend the claims against them, so the Denver District Court ruled in favor of the State.

The couple was ordered to pay more than $1 million in penalties, restitution and fines, officials said.

Prosecutors said Proffitt-Payne and Payne are now permanently barred from engaging in door-to-door magazine sales in Colorado and from using Colorado as a home base for a national door-to-door magazine sales operations.

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