Dog survives 9 days on frozen mountain pass

ASPEN, Colo. - A dog suffered frostbite and lost a bit of weight but survived after spending nine days on a frozen mountain pass near Aspen.

Judy Dunn says her 4-year-old Shar-Pei, Sophie, disappeared on Independence Pass on March 23 while Dunn was walking her two dogs on the pass. They were heading down, about a half-mile from the gate, when Sophie disappeared around a bend and did not return, Dunn told the Aspen Times.

Dunn stayed late that night and returned the next morning searching for Sophie. She even returned to the path with friends and circulated posters around town.

On Monday morning, another Aspen resident was walking with several other dogs on the pass when he spotted the dog's face from behind a tree. He recognized Sophie immediately from the fliers he's seen around town, he said.

He asked her if she wanted a treat and she barreled out, he told the paper.


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