Dog owner charged after neighbor, other dogs attacked inside their Denver home

DENVER - Charges have been filed against the owner of three dogs that allegedly broke through a security door at a Denver home and mauled two other dogs and two people.

Karen Smith was charged with three counts of leash law violation, seven counts of attack, three counts of bites and one count of damaging property, according to Denver Animal Control.

Neighbor Shirley Crofford told 7NEWS the dogs broke into her home on South Winona Court Saturday night.

"I saw them charge out of my neighbor's house," Crofford said. "They broke through my door, squeezed through the bars and destroyed. There was blood everywhere."

Smith's dogs are now being held at the Denver Animal Shelter as a public safety threat.

Crofford said one of her dogs, Gordy, is back at home and her other dog, Dug, had a successful first surgery for a broken jaw. He will need at least one more surgery to fully recover.

Crofford's family have started a fund to help pay for veterinary expenses at Wells Fargo Bank under the Dug and Gordy Animal Hospital Fund. She said people have already donated to the fund to help.

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