Dog breeder says woman posing as buyer took off with English bulldog puppy

LITTLETON, Colo. - A breeder of English bulldogs is desperate to get one of her puppies back after she said a woman posing as a buyer ran off with it.

Adele Marshall said the woman came to her house in Littleton around 7:30 p.m.

The woman, described as a thin white woman in her late 20s or early 30s, told Marshall that she wanted a bulldog because her ex-boyfriend kept their bulldog when they broke up.

Marshall said she was selling the puppies as a favor to a breeder friend in Texas and she had sold six of the seven dogs within a week for $2,500 each.

The woman arrived at Marshall's home to look at the last of the litter and was perusing the contract to buy the dog when Marshall left to get her cell phone in another room.

When Marshall returned, the woman had slipped out of the front door and was gone. When Marshall looked out her front door and down the street, she could not find the woman.

Marshall suspects the woman was working with another person because she doesn't know how she fled so quickly.

Marshall is concerned for the welfare of her 9-pound, 9-week-old puppy, Ruby, and concerned that she was so polished and so calm, she could easily strike again.

"She deserves an Oscar for what she did to me," Marshall said, crying. "I felt OK about her."

Marshall has reported the theft to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office but she said the detective told her they are so swamped with cases, it may take some time to find Ruby or the dognapper.

"People might think, 'Oh, it's just a dog,' but they're my fuzzy kids," Marshall said. "These babies come into my life and I love them."

Marshall reached to 7NEWS viewers for help. She described the woman as a "cute professional" who was nicely dressed and very polite. She was thin, about 5 feet 6 inches tall and 115 pounds. She called herself Kelsey Sullivan and was last seen wearing a baseball hat, skinny jeans and a T-shirt.

Marshall said she had advertised the puppies for sale through a "bulldog network" and the woman must have been specifically looking for that kind of dog when she called Marshall Thursday night.

The sheriff's office said it has launched a felony theft investigation.

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