Documentary on Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper prompts ethics review into film's financing

DENVER - Whether a conservative film likely to take shots at incumbent Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper is a campaign trick covered by election laws or the free press shielded from disclosure will be the subject of a hearing in Denver on Tuesday.

The Secretary of State's Office will determine if the proposed hour-long documentary should be excluded from the legal requirement to disclose its finances. The film is produced by Citizens United, the conservative group that pushed a decision before the U.S. Supreme Court to put the political speech by corporations and people on equal footing, effectively lifting campaign spending limits for business.

Citizens United said the film will be about the influence of advocacy groups in Colorado and it could be released in September, two months before the general election.

The group filed the application in April.

The group could run excerpts in ads for the movie well in advance of Election Day, however.

Read more on the question on funding transparency from our partners at the Denver Post:

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