Document: Walmart clerk declined to sell ammunition to man who fantasized about mass murder

WESTMINSTER, Colo. - An arrest document reveals a Walmart clerk declined to sell ammunition to Mitchell Kusick, potentially avoiding a mass shooting that he'd been planning and fantasizing over.

The document, written by a detective with the Westminster Police Department, said the 20-year-old Kusick told his therapist he had wanted to buy "'slugs' for the shotgun with 'tracers' in them."  The clerk denied him the ammunition because he was not yet 21-years-old.

Tracers are a type of round made visible in flight by a trail of flame or smoke.

Had Kusick obtained the ammunition, the affidavit said "he would've waited for a couple days and planned what he was going to do, and had spent the last six years planning how to kill people."

The Westminster arrest document, and a federal document 7NEWS reviewed Tuesday, said Kusick expressed a desire to go down in "infamy."

After leaving the Walmart, the affidavit said Kusick was returning to his aunt and uncle's home when he was approached by Broomfield police officers. Kusick told his therapist that he "thought about grabbing one of the officer's guns and getting into a 'shootout,' but decided at the last minute not to do so."

The detective wrote that Broomfield Police Officer Michael Carvill confirmed the incident and remembered that Kusick had "'fixated his stare on my duty weapon.'"

The therapist, identified in the document as Corey Candelaria, told Broomfield police he felt Mitchell [Kusick] was a threat to others.

When Kusick was interviewed by Westminster Police, the document said he also mentioned a desire to kill President Barack Obama. Although he also said he was more concerned with assassinating a political figure and not specifically the president, the remark was brought to the attention of the Secret Service.

The federal criminal complaint said that during an argument with his parents, Kusick informed them he was "OK with homicide."

The Westminster document said an officer interviewed Kusick's father, who told them his son had been on numerous anti-depressants and was currently prescribed the highest dosage.

Kusick's aunt, uncle and father all told police they believed he was capable of carrying out his threats and wanted a protection order prohibiting Kusick from contacting them or returning home. The affidavit said they feared he would retaliate against them.

Kusick's Therapist Speaks

Corey Candelaria, the therapist who alerted police to Kusick and had him admitted to Lutheran Medical Center on a mental health hold,  said he was just doing his job.

“All therapists are held to certain legal and ethical standards -- a duty to warn if someone is a danger to themselves or the community,” said Candelaria. “My work speaks for itself. I just want a healthy, safe, thriving community.”

Candelaria said he would not speak about Kusick’s case, but said he is no longer his therapist. 

Case timeline

April - Kusick's parents make him sell his guns after they discover he had two weapons.

Oct. 28 - Kusick argues with parents after he withdrew large amount of cash. He allegedly fights with his mother, goes to his uncle and aunt's home, steals a shotgun. He tries to buy ammunition at Walmart but is denied because he is not 21. While returning home, Kusick is contacted by Broomfield police and an officer remembers Kusick "fixated" on his weapon.

Oct. 29 - Kusick ordered to return shotgun. Aunt and uncle take him to his therapist. He allegedly told his therapist that he wanted to shoot kids at Halloween event and to kill the president. He's placed in hospital for at least 3 days. At the hospital, he's interviewed by Westminster police and Secret Service.

Oct. 30 - Halloween event at Standley Lake High School

Nov. 1 - Obama rally at CU Boulder

Nov. 8 - Kusick formally arrested by Westminster police for alleged threats against school

Nov. 9 - Jeffco Schools obtains restraining order against Kusick. Secret Service files arrest affidavit on Kusick.

Nov. 13 - Kusick appears in federal court.

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