DMV tells woman that her new used car is actually a stolen vehicle

LAKEWOOD, Colo. - A trip to the Division of Motor Vehicles nearly landed a woman in jail after she was told her new used car was actually a stolen vehicle.

Sarah Wilkerson bought a 2006 Chevy Impala last month from a Lakewood dealership. This past week, she was at the DMV to check the prices on specialty license plates when a clerk told her troubling news about her car.

"They notified me that the car was stolen and that I needed to go back to the dealership," said Wilkerson.

She said she tried notifying the company for a couple of days, while also contacting DMV investigators.

"It wasn't until an investigator from DMV had called me back and let me know, 'Don't drive your car lady,'" said Wilkerson. "'I'm telling you; buckle your seatbelt, use your blinkers and get down here to the DMV and bring that car.'"

She said she drove to the DMV headquarters in Lakewood where police impounded the car.

Workers at the dealership told 7NEWS that the car is not stolen. They said the car was bought at auction and that the dealership has the title. They recently found out that the car was knowingly repossessed from its previous owner, who then called police and reported it stolen.

According to a DMV spokeswoman, the car would remain listed as stolen until that law enforcement agency closes the case.

In the meantime, Wilkerson is out $2,400 for a down payment and without a car.

"I went to try and buy a car today, no one will sell me a car because it shows an open loan of a car that I don't even have," said Wilkerson. "I just want my down payment back."

The dealership told 7NEWS that it would do whatever it could to make Wilkerson happy, whether that meant finding her a new car or refunding her money.

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