Domestic violence suspect drives away in stolen U-Haul truck, allegedly rams Jeffco deputy's car

Fleeing suspect rams three cars during getaway

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. - Investigators say a domestic violence suspect punched his girlfriend in the face then rammed into three cars with a stolen U-Haul truck while trying to flee from police.

Deputies started looking for the U-Haul around 11:15 a.m. Wednesday, after receiving a report of a domestic violence incident between a couple inside the truck as it drove through south Jefferson County.

Mark Techmeyer, spokesman for the Sheriff's Office, said the truck was gone when deputies arrived.

A short time later,  the truck was reported in the Morrison area before again being spotted in south Jefferson County.

Techmeyer said the truck was stopped at the intersection of Quincy Avenue and Eldridge Street, where a woman got out. The suspect, Jarrett Cooper Stoner, 26, apparently stayed in the truck and drove into a nearby neighborhood.

"In our attempts to find him, he found us," said Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Jacki Kelley. "He came across one of our patrol cars at an intersection, and hit it head on."

Stoner allegedly kept driving and hit two more cars after running a stop sign at Sheridan Blvd. and Quincy Ave.

Zane Smith was at that intersection when he heard approaching sirens.

"I watched the U-Haul rear end this poor kid in the silver car," Smith said. "At first, I thought he was trying to get out of the way to let officers through, but that wasn't the case. He was actually trying to evade the cops."

Police said Stoner continued driving for several more blocks then abandoned the U-Haul truck and ran to a nearby 7-11 where he attempted to steal another truck. Kelley said the people in that truck didn't cooperate.

"Those construction workers held him until Denver got there and he was taken into custody," she said.

Colette Woods watched the scene unfold from her office window.

"I saw the State Patrol, Lakewood, Denver and Jeffco all turning around the corner," Woods said. "They arrested the guy... a white male with longer hair who kept telling the cops, 'I'm sorry man.'"

Kelley said the U-Haul was was found to h ave been stolen from Denver.

Stoner was booked into the Jefferson County Jail for investigation of assault, vehicular assault, leaving the scene of an accident, auto theft and attempted auto theft

His first court appearance is scheduled for Thursday morning.

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