Deployed Colorado airman gets phone call from President Obama

Staff Sgt. Michael Stevenson in Afghanistan

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - Staff Sgt. Michael Stevenson, of Colorado Springs, Colo., received a rare phone call on Christmas, as he answered the phone and found out President Barack Obama was on the other end.

He was selected by the Air Force and the White House to receive one of the annual calls the President makes to deployed Service members on Christmas Day.

"To be honest, I was definitely surprised," said Stevenson. "Something like this doesn't happen to everyone and it's a once in a life time deal."

"The President wanted to personally thank me and my family for our sacrifices for our country and he asked me to forward his blessings to my fellow Airmen at the 455th Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Squadron."

"He also said that my wife is in his prayers, as she has been fighting breast cancer for three years," said Stevenson.

Staff Sgt. Stevenson knew it wasn't a joke after he received a few test calls from the White House.

"After holding for a few minutes and getting test calls from the White House, I knew it was true and not a joke, but when the President of the United States came on the line and said "What's up Mike," I was shocked to hear it was him. The whole time I was nervous knowing the President is going to call me!"

It's a moment that Staff Sgt. Stevenson promises he won't forget.