Denver's water supply only about 69 percent full, Denver Water says

SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. - The mountain vistas of Colorado are missing many of the white-topped peaks you'd normally expect at this time of year. By extension, Denver's water reserves are threatened.

At the Dillon Reservoir in Summit County, for example, the water level is about 20 percent lower than it was at this time last year.

The latest data from Denver Water shows the city's water supply is about 69 percent full. The weather during a very dry November contributed little to the dipping supply.

"We’re going to be watching conditions really closely," said Denver Water spokeswoman Stacy Chesney. "Denver Water’s reservoirs didn’t fill this past year, which means we’re going in with lower reservoirs."

It isn't enough to sound the alarm at this point, but Chesney said the supply is far from where it should be.

"We declared a stage-one drought this spring, asking customers to voluntarily cut back on their water use," she said. "Summer remained pretty dry and we’ve seen a dry fall. So we’re really hoping for some snow this coming winter."

For now, Chesney said Denver Water isn't making conservation mandatory, but she does want everyone to be aware.

"Right now we do want customers to be aware that it is very dry and we were in a drought this past summer and, in terms of indoor use, we are always asking customers to be efficient," she said. "People aren't really watering outdoors right now. So, as we move into spring, that's when we'll look at if more reductions need to take place outdoors."

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