Denver woman, Grace DeBow, roars like a mama bear to scare off coyotes attacking her dog, Wally

DENVER - When Grace DeBow heard coyotes attacking "Wally the Wonder Dog" she followed her instincts.

She came to Wally's rescue by roaring like a mama bear with her fingers splayed like claws.

It was about 3 a.m. when DeBow let Wally out of her home to answer the call of nature.

Unfortunately, nature replied with claws and sharp teeth.

DeBow found two coyotes tearing into Wally in the backyard of her home off Harvard Gulch Park in south Denver.

"And I went like a bear would go, "WOOOO! Woo-Woo!" a growling DeBow demonstrated for 7NEWS.

The coyotes scattered.

She says Wally's going to be okay.

DeBow wants to warn the public that coyotes don't just attack in rural areas.

She said she's seen coyotes in her urban neighborhood before and has even heard them howling every once in a while.

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