Denver vs Seattle foodbanks in friendly Super Bowl competition

DENVER - There's another Denver vs. Seattle competition besides the Super Bowl.  It's the battle of the food banks.

The competition is to see which United Methodist Church can raise the most food for local food banks before the big game.

"With the amazing energy in our cities supporting the Broncos and Seahawks, we wanted to make a difference for our local communities. Denver and Seattle have challenged each other to see which city has the best fans,"  said Rev. Bradley Laurvick of Highlands United Methodist Church.

Laurvick said the event has taken off on social media.

"In the donations we are receiving,  someone donated six pallets of fresh produce in our first week, a farmer in Fort Lupton donated 1,000 pounds of pinto beans. Kids are going door-to-door in neighborhoods," Laurvick said.

With just over 24 hours left, the food bank donations are numbering in the tens of thousands, and Denver is in the lead.

There are 80 drop-off locations around Denver, the Front Range and even in Omaha, Neb.

There are 90 drop-off locations in Seattle.

For more information on what to donate, go to (or for Seattle).

For more information or to participate, you can also email

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