Denver Union Station construction taking shape

DENVER - It didn't happen overnight, but it certainly looked like it did. During the fall, the renovation work at Denver Union Station really began to be noticeable.

Construction crews took advantage of a relatively mild autumn and winter and made a lot of headway in installing the giant canopy over the train hall.

It is functional art," explained Hunter Sydnor, spokeSwoman for Kiewit, the construction company awarded the renovation project.

"And once all of the steel has been erected it will be covered with that PTFE fabric like what you see over the Wewatta pavilion here and it's the similar fabric used for the roof at DIA.

It is one of the most visible developments in the multi-billion dollar renovation of the historic Union Station. However it is not the largest. The biggest development lays where the general public can't see and few even know it exists.

Construction crews have finished building the structure of the underground Regional Bus Facility, they have roughed out the plumbing, laid the electrical and are already beginning to hang ceiling tiles at the commuter lobby where people can catch their buses.

Sydnor says work crews are on schedule and are on schedule to meet its 2014 deadline.

When all finished, Denver Union Station will combine commuter rail, regional rail, light rail, along with commuter bus service.

"The transit elements really are going to make Denver Union Station the hub for downtown," Sidnor said. "You'll have buses, you'll have commuter rail trains, you'll have light rail trains all coming into one location. Which really makes development around this a prime location for people to be."

New construction is in various states of build to the west and south of the union station redevelopment area. DaVita, a national dialysis company, recently opened its corporate headquarters a few blocks away.

Several private development high rises are beginning to go up in the area.

Denver residents can follow the pace and milestones of Denver Union Station's redevelopment online at its website.

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