Denver tickets people renting home on AirBnB

City to examine issue with homesharing

DENVER - After at least one person was ticketed for renting her Denver home on the vacation rental site AirBnB, the Denver City council is examining how to deal with the "sharing economy." 

Nissa Rothman started renting out her "Colfax Casita" on AirBnB after she lost her job.

"The income I received from AirBnB helped me continue to pay my mortgage," said Rothman.

However, when she started to build another rental space in her back yard, neighbors started to complain about strangers and traffic, and the city ordered her to stop renting out her property, Rothman said.

Now, she is only listing her site for 30-day rentals.

"It's not something that we police, necessarily. It's just reacting to neighbor complaints," said Alexandra Foster with Denver Community Planning and Development.
Foster said city code does not allow short-term rentals in residential zoned neighborhoods, which means many of the properties listed on homesharing sites such as AirBnb, VRBO and Homeaway aren't technically legal.
"I feel like we are behind the times in Denver," said Mary Beth Susman, the president of Denver's City Council. 
She points out other cities such as Austin, Texas license this type of new-school vacation rental, and she is forming a committee to look at the entire "sharing economy," from companies such as Uber for cars to home sites such as AirBnB.
"You don't want to get in the way of good innovation," said Susman. "But you do have a responsibility as a government to make sure people are safe."
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