Denver teen, Alex Jurich, of Hamilton Middle School, to compete in Scripps National Spelling Bee

DENVER - A Denver teenager who likes how modern architecture fits together will be putting words together in the 2014 Scripps Spelling Bee.

Alex Jurich, 14, is one of two students from Colorado competing in the Bee.

Jurich, a student at Hamilton Middle School in Denver, just started competing in the state-wide spelling bee three years ago.

"I got 15th place my first year, and 3rd place in my 2nd year," Jurich told 7NEWS.

The third time was the charm, sending him to the National Bee to compete against 280 other spellers.

But the numbers shouldn't scare Jurich. He topped 284 other students at the Colorado State Spelling Bee in March. Jurich won after spelling the word "diptych."

One of the competitors he beat? His twin sister, Evie. She also made it to the state finals, according to the Denver Post.

Alex Jurich likes to read, listen to trap music [a type of alternative music] and play Ultimate Frisbee.

But it's his love of architecture that he'll feed while he's in the Washington, D.C. for the Bee. He plans to visit the Pope-Leighey House, designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright, while he's near Alexandria, Virginia.

Jurich wants to be an architect when he grows up.

"I enjoy the way modern architecture looks, and the way everything fits together," Jurich said.

Learn more about Jurich, speller No. 30, on the Bee's website.

Read about Colorado's other competitor, Teddy Schoenfeld, speller No. 29, here.

Learn more about the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Colorado has had several students win the spelling bee:

  • Dana Bennett, 1957 (co-champion)
  • Joel Montgomery, 1959
  • Katie Kerwin, 1979
  • Jacques Bailly*, 1980
  •  Molly Dieveney, 1982
  • Scott Isaacs, 1989
  •  Pratyush Buddiga, 2002

*Bailly is well known to Scripps National Spelling Bee fans because he is the official pronouncer of the bee and is seen during the Bee's broadcast each year giving the words to each speller. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Classics at The University of Vermont.

Scripps is the parent company of KMGH-TV & in Denver.

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