Denver street vendors pushed away from Coors Field perimeter due to decades-old ordinance

DENVER - Some Denver food vendors prepping for opening day Friday will be forced to relocate away from their usual locations around Coors Field due to a decades-old ordinance that the city is now enforcing.

Brats mean big bucks for Nick Dinezza. But these days he's selling his signature menu items far from his usual spot near Coors Field. 

"Opening day is sidelined at 19th and Wazee," he said. 

Dinezza isn't alone -- nearly a dozen other vendors have been forced from their usual perch near the baseball diamond.

Despite the fact that food carts have been on the perimeter for at least five years, the city has suddenly decided to enforce a safety ordinance that says they can't take up positions near the stadium.

"For whatever reason we lost touch with that part of the agreement and we allowed some vendors to come in. We noticed the mistake last year," said Christine Downs of Denver Public Works. 

The vendors usually operate year round, late at night, long after the games. They told 7NEWS they feel the city needs to step up to the plate and let them keep their prime place. 

"Let businesses benefit from the fact that the stadium is bringing in people and not shoo or push the people away," said cart owner Adam Kulikowski

"I just want to go out and sell hot dogs. That's all," said Dinezza. 

City officials told 7NEWS that they are trying to accommodate the vendors outside of stadium boundaries and will waive its usual application and permitting fee because of the inconvenience.

According to the Denver Public Works, the enforcement change came about during a routine review of the ordinance, which is up for renewal in the months ahead. 

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