Denver street sweeping begins today, sign up for an email reminder

DENVER - Residential seasonal street sweeping begins today in Denver.

Residential streets in Denver are swept once a month. On that day, residents and visitors are not allowed to park on the street, where posted. Red and white signs on each block list the street sweeping time and day of the month.

If you don't move your vehicle on street sweeping day, expect a $50 parking ticket.

The City of Denver warns that, "even if it appears a sweeper has cleaned the street... sweepers may need to return to the area for additional sweeping."

Residents and visitors can sign up to receive a free email reminder about their street sweeping day. Visit and click on the "Show Your Pride, Move Your Ride" sweeper icon to sign up.

The Denver Public Works Street Maintenance Street Sweeping Program was created to remove dirt, leaves and debris from City streets, reducing air and water pollution, according to Public Works.

Public Works says crews sweep approximately 100,000 lane miles of Denver streets and collect 42,000 cubic yards of dirt and debris per year.

-- Aurora street sweeping

Aurora will begin street sweeping April 14.

Aurora divides its city into four areas for street sweeping: North (N), South (S), East (E) and West (W). All of the streets in each area are swept including arterial, collector and residential streets, on street sweeping day.

See the street sweeping schedule here.

-- Parker street sweeping

Parker sweeps its streets between April 28 to October 6. See the schedule here.

-- Other metro cities

Most Denver-metro area cities have street sweeping programs. Find your city by Googling your city's name and "street sweeping."

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