Denver sheriff's deputy arrested, suspected of helping dangerous inmate escape from city jail

Deputy arrested in inmate's escape

DENVER - A Denver sheriff's deputy was arrested on suspicion of helping a dangerous inmate escape from the city jail, authorities said Monday.

"The name of the deputy is Matthew Andrews.  He is a two-year veteran of the Denver Sheriff's Department," said Major Frank Gale, with the Denver Sheriff's Dept.

Andrews was arrested Sunday night at Denver police headquarters. He was assigned to general security at the jail.

The inmate, Felix Dino Trujillo, 24, escaped from the downtown Denver city jail around 7 p.m. Sunday.

Trujillo was being held on aggravated robbery charges when he escaped with a deputy's uniform, Gale confirmed Monday.  Police didn't say if Andrews gave Trujillo that uniform but did say that no duty weapons or police radios are missing.

However, a source told CALL7 Investigators that Trujillo was also given a gun when he left the jail.

"Felix Trujillo may be armed and should be considered extremely dangerous," the sheriff's department said.

Trujillo is described as a Hispanic man, about  5 feet 6 inches tall, weighing 140 pounds, with short, black hair, brown eyes, and several tattoos on various locations of his body,  including his chest and neck.

Denver police are also looking to see if Trujillo was given a cell phone while in jail.

Trujillo has an extensive criminal arrest record, including escape, felony menacing, domestic violence and assault. Most of the arrests were in the Thornton, Westminster and Adams County area.

The Denver Sheriff's Department and the Denver Police Department have asked that people be on the lookout for Trujillo and they encourage anyone with information to contact the Denver Police or any law enforcement agency immediately.

Anyone who has information regarding this escaped prisoner should call 720-913-2000 or dial 911 in an emergency.

Andrews  was interrogated by internal affairs Monday morning, but did not say much, according to a CALL7 Investigators' source.

"[Andrews] is in custody. The charge was assisting with an escape, which is a class 3 felony," said Denver Police Lt. Matt Murray.

Andrews had posted bond by Monday afternoon. 7NEWS talked to Andrews' family. They say the reports about what Andrews allegedly did to help Trujillo escape are untrue.

The jail is located across from Denver Police Headquarters at 14th Avenue and Cherokee Street.

Investigators said there has never been an escape since the facility was built.

"We are confident there are no security concerns about the facility," Gale said.

The sheriff department didn't notify the public about Trujillo's escape until 10 p.m. Sunday. Investigators did not explain why there was a three-hour delay in releasing the information to the public.

Andrews worked for three and half years as a correctional officer for the Colorado Department of Corrections from October 2007 to April  2011, said DOC spokeswoman Alison Morgan. He resigned to take the job in Denver.

Andrews has one prior arrest in Colorado for failure to appear in court on an illegal possession of alcohol charge in Fort Collins in 1998, according to arrest records. 


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