Denver Restaurant Week: Prices going up, summer week being added in 2014

DENVER - Denver Restaurant Week will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year with two major changes -- the prices are going up and officials are adding a week in the summer.

"VISIT DENVER founded Denver Restaurant Week in 2005 with the goal of elevating Denver’s growing and ever-changing restaurant scene around the country and around the world," officials said on the Denver Restaurant Week website.

For the past nine years, two diners could eat a multi-course meal at dozens of restaurants for a very Denver sounding price of $52.80. (Denver's nickname is Mile High City because of its elevation of 5,280 feet.) However, the price is going up to $30 per person for 2014.

"We’ve held the same price for nine years, and while it’s hard to lose the fun of the $52.80 price point, it was necessary for the restaurants," said Richard Scharf, president & CEO of VISIT DENVER. "The new price will allow chefs to get creative again and offer dishes and portions that better represent their normal fare."

While the official title for the event is Denver Restaurant Week, a few years ago, the event expanded to two weeks in a row. However, in 2014, the two restaurants weeks will be split up, with one week held during the traditional February period, and the second week held in August.

"We’ve discovered that 14 continuous days of business is just too much of a strain, both for chefs and wait staffs," Scharf said. "A summer version of the event offers restaurants a lot of interesting serving and meal options. We anticipate that summer menus will be very different than the winter ones, and they will be able to showcase the farm-to-fork movement that is so popular in the state."

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