Denver prepares for big crowds downtown during, after Super Bowl

Police hope Broncos fans remain respectful

DENVER - Denver Police and downtown businesses are planning for big crowds and spontaneous celebrations during, and immediately after, the Super Bowl.

"We want fans to be respectful of each other and to respect other people's property," said Cmdr. Patrick Phelan of the Special Operations Division. "So, obviously, we're going to have more of a presence, a visible presence downtown."

While Phelan hopes the crowd remains peaceful, he said police "would be remiss if we didn't plan for other possibilities."

Several fans became unruly following Denver’s last Super Bowl win in 1998. They set bonfires in the streets, overturned parked cars and shattered some windows.

Police say they will watch the crowds closely on Sunday and will try to “nip any problems in the bud.”

Phelan says DPD is recommending that bar owners not serve drinks in bottles or glass containers, but instead serve them in plastic cups.  He said they’re also encouraging businesses with outdoor furniture to tie it down or take it in doors.  Phelan also said property owners should take care to remove combustible items from nearby dumpsters or refuse containers.

“I hope the Broncos win so it’s happy crowd,” said Emerald Boes, of the Rocket Fizz shop in Writer’s Square.

“We’re going to get a lot of business, which is definitely nice,” said co-worker Evan Zeller. “Hopefully nothing bad happens.”

When asked if the city or Downtown Denver Partnership had talked to them about what to expect, Zeller said, “No, but I’ve been talking with one of the security guard who works here in Writer’s Square and he said there’s going to be more security that night, just to make sure nothing goes wrong.”

Anthony Hogan, manager of the John Fluevog shoe shop in Larimer Square, told 7NEWS that he anticipates there will be a lot of excitement on Sunday, but no negative attitudes.

He said if people start running in the streets after the game, he hopes they’re “wearing our shoes.”

City officials are also planning a victory celebration once the Broncos return.  They won’t say when or where that celebration will take place, but 7NEWS has learned that police administration told officers they can’t take time off Sunday or the following Tuesday.

“We’re all hoping for a victory,” Phelan said, “and a victory celebration.  Our responsibility is to keep a safe environment for that.”

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