Denver pot shops ready for historic, 'green' grand opening on New Year's Day

DENVER - You could call it the eve before "Green Wednesday." 

Starting at 8 a.m. on New Year's Day, anyone 21 or older can buy marijuana for recreational use in Colorado at a licensed dispensary.

In Denver, there are 18 dispensaries licensed for recreational sales.

At Citi-Med on Evans Avenue, displays were being stocked Tuesday night for the grand opening.

"Chocolate bars infused with cannabis," said Citi-Med partner Brian Ruden. "We've got all hands on deck, so everybody who works for the company will be here."

And like any small business, it's about products and personal attention.

"Like their favorite bar tenders, they have their favorite bud tender. People like to talk about their problems, their woes," Ruden told 7NEWS.

Yet, not everyone in Colorado is gusto about the green and the potential impact of pot sales and availability on children.

Gina Carbone of Smart Colorado thinks regulations need to be tighter -- and her group is pushing for stricter controls on potency and access.

"We have meetings and talk with elected officials all the time," said Carbone. "We were at the state house last year and will continue to be."

 At the dispensary, Ruden says his team will strictly follow the rules. They don't want anything to curb the herb.

 "We're going to follow the letter of the law," he said.

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