Denver Police use social media to defend handling of dying dog incident

DENVER - The Denver Police Department responded Friday to public outcry over an officer preventing a man from aiding a dog hit by an SUV by using social media to defend its handling of the Wednesday night incident and to criticize the fairness of 7NEWS' coverage.

"ACCURACY MATTERS," Denver Police tweeted on Friday, saying "WATCH what experts told #DPD about handling an injured dog" in the agency's YouTube video. The tweet named 7NEWS' Molly Hendrickson, who covered the dying dog incident on Thursday and Friday nights.

"I said a lot of things yesterday in the interview with Channel 7 and they were omitted and it's frustrating because I expressed how much we care about dogs," Denver Police Department spokesman Sonny Jackson said in the YouTube video posted on the DPD Facebook page.

"But we're kind of sometimes between the rock and a hard place, because we gotta protect the public, we gotta protect the dog and we are not the experts in moving the dog or giving aid to the dog," Jackson said. "So we are put into the position where we have to do the right thing for everybody involved."

You can watch 7NEWS' full, unedited interview with Jackson above, along with 7NEWS' reports on the incident.

In the DPD YouTube video, a veterinarian and a Denver Animal Control officer explain the dangers of non-experts moving an injured animal -- both to the creature and to people trying to give aid.

Dr. Stephanie Dodge, the veterinarian, says it takes trained experts to properly assess a dog's injuries.

"If it was hit by a car and is having internal hemorrhaging, moving the dog wrong could have potentially fatal consequences," Dodges says in the DPD video.

Watch the DPD YouTube video below (mobile users:

Denver police spokesman Matt Murray also posted on the Denver Police Department Facebook page about the controversy:

"This is Matt Murray writing. Here is our dog Bella. This was taken last week at the dog park by East High School. She loves frisbee, food (the beagle in her) and my wife and I. We love her. Anyone who thinks the Denver Police Department is full of people who wanted to see that dog in pain or die is just plain wrong. We, the police, are people too. We have families, pets, and feelings."

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