Denver police officer wins defamation lawsuit stemming from 2011 allegations

DENVER - A Denver Police officer and his wife have won a lawsuit against the woman who falsely accused them of providing alcohol to a toddler.

The jury ruled that Judith Schnurr made defamatory statements against the patrol officer, court records show. According to a copy of the verdict form provided by the officer's lawyer, the seven member jury awarded $180,000 to Officer Jeremy Olive and his wife Amy.

7NEWS first reported the allegations on Aug. 31, 2011, based on information contained in a news release from Lone Tree Deputy City Manager Michelle Kivela. Reports included video of the Olives being taken from the restaurant in handcuffs and interviews with the woman who called 911 to report the allegations.

7NEWS agreed to conceal her identity in those interviews because she expressed fear of potential reprisals.

The reporting also quoted the Lone Tree Police Department's incident report.

On Jan. 23, 2012, 7NEWS reported that the 18th Judicial District Attorney's Office had determined "a misunderstanding occurred" and announced that all charges against the Olives were dismissed.

Attorney Raymond K. Bryant of the Civil Rights Litigation Group, who represented the Olives in the lawsuit, sent 7NEWS a formal letter Thursday that included a request for a report about the jury's verdict. The letter also requested the removal of previous stories from

Because 7NEWS' transparency policies do not allow for the stories to be removed, we have appended an editor's note to the existing stories reflecting the updated status of the case.

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