Denver Police looking for man suspected of robbing 7-Eleven, leaving wallet with ID card behind


DENVER - In armed robbery history, this won't go down as a "clean getaway."

Police are looking for a man who used a knife to rob a downtown Denver 7-Eleven -- and dropped his wallet as he fled.

In a Denver Police Department Facebook post titled, "EXCUSE ME, YOU DROPPED YOUR WALLET," police say the man entered the 7-Eleven at 1800 Lawrence St. on Tuesday afternoon, threatened store employees with a knife during the robbery and then ran away.

Officers said they searched the area, but didn't find the man.

Fortunately, the not-so-master criminal dropped a wallet containing an ID card for 29-year-old "Devin B. Tomasso."

"If anyone knows 29-year-old Devin B. Tomasso, will you please tell him that we have his wallet and he can pick it up at any one of the Denver Police Stations," police dryly noted in the Facebook post featuring a winking smiley face.

7NEWS did a background check and found a 29-year-old Deven Bradley Tomasso who is on parole in the Denver area after serving time in state prison for a 2008 conviction for felony assault with a deadly weapon causing injury.

Denver police confirmed they have obtained an arrested warrant for the robbery suspect they identify as Devon Tomasso -- a parolee who uses a variety of first name spellings, including Devin and Deven. 

Tomasso only has seven days left until his parole ends, according to the Colorado Department of Corrections. Police have alerted parole officials.

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