Denver Police find two bodies in Trenton Street home while responding to burglary call

Neighbor says resident was growing marijuana

DENVER - Crime scene investigators focused flashlights on the front yard and combed through the interior of a home where two bodies were found Thursday.

Police were initially called to 1969 Trenton Street on a report of a burglary.

“Upon arrival, officers did enter the residence and discovered two bodies,” said Technician Raquel Lopez, of the Denver Police Department.

When asked how long investigators believe the bodies had been in the house, Lopez replied, “It’s not known at this time.”

A neighbor, who declined to go on camera, told 7NEWS that the man who lived there was growing marijuana, and that he also dabbled in cocaine.

“I used to see Alex walk his dog nearly every day,” she said. “But I haven’t seen him since last Wednesday.”

The neighbor said that one of Alex’s friends told her that he hadn’t heard from Alex for several days and was getting worried.  She said the called Alex and there was no answer, so the friend used a key to enter the house, saw the victim’s feet on the floor, backed out of the house and called 911.

7NEWS asked if police believe there was a double murder at the residence, a murder suicide or accidental death.

Lopez replied that at this point it’s just considered a death investigation.  She said police don’t believe that neighbors have reason to be alarmed.

Cheryl Isabelle said she still wants to know more.

“I hope it’s not random,” she said. “It’s quite scary when you think about it.”

Another neighbor, Dino Marchig, said he didn’t know Alex very well.

“He seems like a private person,” Marchig said. “When you look at the house, it’s set back and you don’t see much there.”

Marchig said he doesn’t know what the man does for a living.

“I know from my brother that there was a guy visiting (Alex) from Melbourne, Florida about two months ago,” Marchig said. “And a lady lived with him as well.”

Police aren’t saying whether the bodies found in the house were those of a man and woman, or two men or two women.

The neighbor who didn’t want to go on camera said Alex had told her previously that he slept with an ax for security reasons.

The Denver Police Department’s Mobile Crime Lab was still on scene late Thursday night.

A tweet indicated that department officials would have more information to release about the case Friday morning.          

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